Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Chokehold - Final Show

Final Show [New Bedford, MA 3/23/96]
This recording came straight from the soundboard at Chokehold's final show, which was at a fest (which I forget the name of) in New Bedord, MA. Frankly, the quality of this recording, sounds better than half of Chokehold's studio recordings.


proven hollow said...

haha. oh man you have some nice stuff on here. brings back some memories (good and bad).haha. we played with chokehold on these last few shows of theirs (including this fest in new bedford). nicest guys ever (for canadians).i have to say though, i am fairly certain i took that photo on the cover of this thing! haha. that's crazy. if it's not mine, then i probably stood right next to the supposed "anthony annoyance"...haha. that's totally bizarre. i won't bother even trying to listen to this thing though, as i remember it sounded quite horribly live and in the flesh. scott beiben ruins everything.

jankyHellface said...

Yeah, I was at this show too. Kind of crazy they recorded it.

Nice blog.

xMarkusx said...

Hey man, any way possible you could hook me up a lot of Chokehold stuff you've uploaded here, all is not anymore available for dl. Hit me up email and we'll talk more, thanks!

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