Monday, January 28, 2008

The Cold War comp

The Cold War comp 7"
Just one of the many, many great comps that came out of the 90s. This one has the following 4 songs:
None Left Standing - Just Another War
Everlast - Crutch
Mean Season - Sea Of Shame (live)
Within A Lie - Him

Saturday, January 26, 2008


fortydaysrain are a band that I have always felt were very underrated, at least definitely out here on the West Coast. I used to talk to their bass player, Al, back in the old days of the AOL hardcore chat rooms. This was long before the era of message boards and paypal preorders, and some pretty legendary and infamous things happened in those chat rooms. In the late 90s, bands were leaning closer and closer to metal sounds, and these guys played what I consider to be a perfect blend of heavy hardcore with well placed metal leads. As far as I can tell, this is everything they put out aside from some comp tracks that I never got my hands on, and for all I know, the songs on the comps may also be present on these releases.

Demo tape 1997
This tape has 4 songs, and I first got it out of my friend Matt's distro box sometime in 1997. A large part of me misses distros, and taking chances on bands that I had never heard of.

The Price Of Innocence 7"
For a record label that only managed to get out two releases, Even The Score records sure did a damn fine job. Kyle Score put out this record and the Falling Down 7" (who soon changed their name to Day Of Suffering). If you ever find a "Straight Edge means automatic weapons" shirt, send it to me, and I'll love you forever!

fortydaysrain/The Year Of Our Lord split 7"
This is one hell of a split 7 inch. fortydaysrain bust out a new song, and a re-recorded version of "Baptism" from their demo tape. The Year Of Our Lord were also bringing something pretty new to the table, in the form of black metal tinged hardcore. If memory serves me correctly, TYOOL also featured a member or two from the early Cave In lineup.

Temptation Of Our Own Demise
This cd initially came out on One Way Home Records, but quite quickly saw a re-release via East Coast Empire. The first 3 tracks were brand new ditties, followed by a mix of tracks from their previous releases. After this, the singer left, and was replaced by Rob Fusco (who had just left One King Down) for a brief period of time. Then one of the guitar players took over vocally, and fortydaysrain fizzled out without recording anything else.


Friction Burn Fatal
New Age Records reigned supreme in the 90's. Just think about some of the legendary bands that had releases on New Age: Trial, Unbroken, Turning Point, Strife, etc. And even a lot of their lesser known releases were great as well. Case in point, this Grip 7 inch. Although there's some Krishna cheesiness here, and the lyrics leave a little something to be desired, this is a good example of what metallic hardcore was in the early-mid 90s.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Green Rage correction

In the first song, "Declaration", on the Green Rage post, I've noticed that there appears to be some sort of skip in the song around the 1:30 mark or so. Upon listening to the vinyl, it's just there, and all of my usual cleaning techniques don't seem to be getting rid of it. The vinyl appears to be in perfect shape still, so it's possible that a piece of dust is just lodged in there, and until I can afford one of those sweet 400 dollar record cleaners, there isn't a ton I can do about it, BUT I did mess around with the songs a bit in Adobe Audition, and I edited out the skip in a manner where it's pretty damn hard to tell that it was ever there. So, simply download the file below, and use it to replace the first song in the Green Rage folder you already downloaded.

More Strife

Self Titled
As a follow up to yesterday's Strife post, here is Strife's second 7", which came out in 1992, and was the first release on the now legendary Indecision Records. Still Rise is the last song on this record, but this version sounds much different than the song it became on the One Truth record. It's amazing what crowd vocals can do to a song, and how much bigger it can make them feel.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


My Fire Burns On...
As requested by my brother from another mother, xchipxsem, here's Strife's debut 7" on New Age Records from 1991. Being one of the 'big 3' on Victory during the mid 90's, I used to listen to Strife a lot, and listening to this record again, now I remember why. During their time, they were definitely a big part of the scene that was starting to modernize the classic sound.

Monday, January 21, 2008


My Pain 7"
Unconquered were probably the most notorious band to come out of Reno in the 90's (followed closely by Fall Silent). These guys didn't just sound heavy, they sounded like they would beat the living shit out of you, and from the looks of their singer, he probably could. This 7" came out on Area 51 records in 1995. My copy is on red vinyl, but I'm not sure how many were pressed. I was always disappointed that I never got to see them play. They were supposed to play Portland once in 1998, but neither of the touring bands were going to make it to town, and the whole show was cancelled.
Anyways, here's the record:

Denial Of God

The Crypt Has Eyes
Here's a nice slab of black metal wax from Denial Of God out of Denmark. This 7" has one original titled "The Crypt Has Eyes" and a Death SS cover called "Terror". No keyboards here! Hand numbered out of 500, it came on black marbled vinyl.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


I'm definitely one of those guys that misses the old days of Scott Vogel bands, so here's a 2fer of Despair, the post Slugfest/pre-Buried Alive band.Demo '95
According to the liner notes, Despair went into the studio and recorded 7 songs in January of 1995. Their 3 favorite songs went to the 7" on Treadwater Records, and the other 4 ended up on this demo tape.

Live & Killing in Europe '97
This tape doesn't give any indication as to the actual date it was recorded, but from listening to it, I've gathered that it was recorded in Hamburg, Germany. There are 10 songs on here of a soundboard quality, including a Judge cover.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Heaven Shall Burn/Fall Of Serenity

HSB / FOS split 12"
I've never been quite sure as to why this record has never been released in a digital format, especially after Heaven Shall Burn's debut ep "In Battle" saw a re-release a few years ago. This record came out in 1999, and was limited to 500 copies on the Deeds of Revolution label (the same label that put out HSB's debut). Each band has 4 songs on the split, including one cover of each other's song from a previous release. There's some really good material on this split, as I'm sure you'll agree. Heaven Shall Burn are finally doing a US tour in April (I've only been badgering them to come here for 9 fucking years!).

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Green Rage

Disinfect 7"
I never really got a whole lot of info on these guys, but this record originally came out in 1993 on Reflections Records. My copy is from the second press put out by Very Distro, as noted by the different cover. This is the only release I ever saw from Green Rage, but it's filled with enough awesome 90's chug to satisfy even the biggest 90's vegan straight edge nerds.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Easily in my top 3 hardcore bands of all time. Chokehold were always very confrontational, and that coupled with the fact that they were a straight edge band that didn't dwell on lyrics about straight edge, solidified them as one of my favorites.

Content With Dying
I was always annoyed with the way that the entire LP is one track on the cd, so I uploaded it into Adobe Audition, trimmed out some of the bass, made it a whole lot louder and separated all the songs into separate tracks.

I did the exact same thing with Instilled, as I did with the Content With Dying tracks.

Tooth And Nail
I was never happy with the sound quality of the mp3s that have been floating around the internet for years now, so I finally decided to rip one of my numerous copies, and I think this definitely sounds more true to the actual sound of the vinyl. This was Chokehold's final release.

Comp Tracks
I've also assembled all of the Chokehold compilation tracks that I'm aware of and own. The folder contains the following songs:
Anchor - What Still Holds True comp
Kill Me - Soundtrack To The Revolution comp
We're Not Gonna Take It [Twisted Sister cover] - Sleepless Nights comp
Kickback [Breakdown cover] - Sound And The Fury comp
Nothing [Negative Approach cover] - Reproach comp