Monday, February 11, 2008


The Solution 7"
My pal EMS ripped this about a year ago and put it up on his blog, Coregasm (which you should definitely go check out), but I'm not sure if the download link still works or not, and I got a request for this, so I went ahead and just ripped my 7". If I didn't know any better, I would have sworn that these guys were from Syracuse, just based upon their sound, but instead, they were from Holland, PA. In an interview from Still Standing zine in '93, these guys mention that this record was going to be coming out on Overkill Records, but obviously that never happened. Also, in an ad for Chapter Records (which this eventually came out on) they claim that the cd version would have extra tracks. Yes, that's right, extra tracks plural. The cd version never came out, and that's a real bummer, because I would seriously love to hear those extra tracks. One can only hope that a master tape still exists out there somewhere. Canon also featured another memorable logo created by Guav, who seemed to be all over the place creating great logos for the mid 90s xvx bands.


Buske said...

This, along with "All Out War" are landmark EP's from that era.

At one time, 10-12+ years ago, Guav told me he had unreleased Canon songs because he was suppose to release their 2nd effort. Now, ears later, he remembers nothing about having any unreleased songs.

One of these dudes in the band HAS to still be around in one way or another.

It is my life's goal (kinda, but not really) to get any unreleased Canon songs.

xjustinx said...

It's nice to see that we share the same faux life goals haha.

Guav said...

Buske, that's because my memory is utter shit for some reason, and I rely on your guys to remind me of things I did or said—DJ is always telling me about some shit I did that I have no recollection of. It's pretty frustrating.

Anyway, if I told you 12 years ago that I had unreleased Canon songs, than I did, even though I remember no such thing. If so, they were on some cassette tape somewhere, as we were not yet blessed with CDRs in the early 90's. I do have a box of old cassettes somewhere ... if I come across it I'll check for the Canon tape.

But I wouldn't hold my breath. We need to get ahold of those dudes in the band. That EP is so great.

Anonymous said...

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